For the last 2 years, we have photographed about 30 Indian wedding celebration, which includes engagement, ceremony and reception around the country. Just like Chinese wedding celebration, we learn so much about Indian wedding celebrations. The couple ethnic background will have influences on the ritual and customary of the wedding ceremony.

Just about a few months ago, we had the pleasure to be Kartiyani and Maran’s wedding photographers. And this is one wedding ceremony and celebration that I enjoy most; there’s so much fun and new challenges for me to work harder to capture the moment. As usual, we ended our work with a short mini portrait session for both Kartiyani and Maran.

Below images are the wedding album layout. It shows some highlight from preparation, the ceremony, the party and finally the portrait session.

Hope you all enjoy it.

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Since many years ago, before the official declaration of making Georgetown as the UNESCO World Heritage on 7 July 2008, Penang has been a choice for many holiday makers and travelers as their vacation destination. This island has a mystical attraction power, and amusingly the first thing that came across my thought is the famous Penang street food:)(this is also another prestigious recognition by CNN Travel). You can find out more about Penang from the links below.

So, here’s another one of my many favorite family portraits I have taken in the last few months. For this Australian family, this is their second visits to Penang and I am sure Penang folks have been providing a wonderful hospitality services. Prior to the photo session, we did a pre session consultation via email. As always, this is the opportunity for me to understand my client better, and at the same time helping them to understand what to expect during the photo shooting session. This way, everyone in the family can relax and enjoy the session; just like what is being posted in today’s blog.

That’s all for now. Have a great week ahead.

p/s: sometimes there are special request from clients, and please feel free to ask me if you have any in mind.
p/s/s: want to know more about Penang? Here’s a link I recommend to read more,
p/s/s/s: Hunting for food? Check out one of the top 10 recommended food by CNN Travel,


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I have been staying in Penang island for the last 9 years, and I can say that this is one of the best place to live in Malaysia after been around a few places. And this is also the place where I got to know my wife and build our love nest.

The reason why I say this, is because I often get reaffirmation from oversea holiday makers and travelers. The most recent one is from Fran, Wayne and their friends from Birmingham, UK. For Fran and Wayne, Penang is no stranger to them as they visit here annually. It’s like coming back home for a long holiday break. They enjoy the heritage of the island, the friendliness of Penangnites, the warm and sunny weather, famous street food, and even commented they feel safe in Penang.

We met up early this year to discuss some ideas they have in mind, which I think it’s very special as they wanted to do a nice and enjoyable friendship photography session; something really relax and casual and not over posing. And on top of that, this photo session will be done a few days before Fran and Wayne’s wedding day. Isn’t this nice and sweet? Having good friends around, do some tourist sightseeing, catching up good old times and end with a lovely wedding celebration.

I am very glad that the overall heritage walk photo and wedding ceremony session went very well. I could not describe more how much I enjoy them. Below are some of the photos from both session. Hope you all like it as well. Enjoy! (I got a photo taken together with Fran and Wayne 😀 )

p/s: Oh, by the way, I got a couple of wonderful compliments from Fran and Wayne, and also from their friends.


Hi Daniel
The photos are amazing everyone is talking about them they are being shared with all the staff at the E & O including the events director who said you were a superb photographer. We hope this will bring you more contracts from the hotel. We cannot thank you enough and let’s meet up at Christmas for a drink

Wayne & Fran


Daniel, the photographs are truly excellent, and you did a great job of putting everyone at ease to get some fantastic, natural shots, both during the Heritage Walk and the Wedding ceremony. Daniel Yap Photography, thoroughly recommended!

From: Karl


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Just a few weeks before Chinese New Year, I got a call from Ivan, who is a good friend of my regular photography client. Prior to our first meet up, Ivan shared what he feels the ideal and best photography venue, clothing, style and etc for that day. He is a very detail and surely knows what he wants. In my heart, I know I am the right photographer for his family portrait 😀 , and the best way to explain is sometimes is to show some of my previous work that I have done. I also took the opportunity to explain and how to get the best family portrait on that day; which actually is the emotion, facial expression and bonding in the family. One day, sometimes in the future, when we look back at these photos, it will bring back a gentle and heart warming feeling to ourselves. And this special feeling will naturally glow on our faces.

Ivan even took a step further from others; he actually went to the venue that we talked about to check out the environment. This is actually very good, it helps everyone in the family to visualize how the photo shooting session going to be on that day. And on photo shooting day, we took almost 200 images, and below are some of my most favorite images.


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Here is one of the earliest wedding photography assignment I did for this year. The mini portrait session is one of the must have in every actual wedding day celebration. It is special because this is the couple’s big day, and it’s also the only time where the newly wed couple has some personal time together. Why? Well, every Asian should know this very well that wedding day celebration is a family + relatives + more relatives celebration as well. So taking a short get away from the busy and packed wedding day event is just perfect for the couple to celebrate their wedding together. Below is some of the mini portrait session highlights, which we did the whole mini portrait session in less than an hour. Hope you all enjoy it.



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