Ivan’s Family Portrait – Penang

Just a few weeks before Chinese New Year, I got a call from Ivan, who is a good friend of my regular photography client. Prior to our first meet up, Ivan shared what he feels the ideal and best photography venue, clothing, style and etc for that day. He is a very detail and surely knows what he wants. In my heart, I know I am the right photographer for his family portrait:D, and the best way to explain is sometimes is to show some of my previous work that I have done. I also took the opportunity to explain and how to get the best family portrait on that day; which actually is the emotion, facial expression and bonding in the family. One day, sometimes in the future, when we look back at these photos, it will bring back a gentle and heart warming feeling to ourselves. And this special feeling will naturally glow on our faces.

Ivan even took a step further from others; he actually went to the venue that we talked about to check out the environment. This is actually very good, it helps everyone in the family to visualize how the photo shooting session going to be on that day. And on photo shooting day, we took almost 200 images, and below are some of my most favorite images.


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Steffanie & Eng Kooi Actual Wedding Day

Here is one of the earliest wedding photography assignment I did for this year. The mini portrait session is one of the must have in every actual wedding day celebration. It is special because this is the couple’s big day, and it’s also the only time where the newly wed couple has some personal time together. Why? Well, every Asian should know this very well that wedding day celebration is a family + relatives + more relatives celebration as well. So taking a short get away from the busy and packed wedding day event is just perfect for the couple to celebrate their wedding together. Below is some of the mini portrait session highlights, which we did the whole mini portrait session in less than an hour. Hope you all enjoy it.



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Elsey + Benjamin Wedding Celebration

Wedding Photography by David Lee (DYP Senior Photographer)

Ah….finally one of my closest church mate got married. I wish I could be his wedding photographer on that day, however I am already being hired by another couple for their wedding celebration as well. So this time David, one of DYP senior photographer has the honor to be his wedding photographer. Though I missed Ben’s wedding, but from the photos I can feel their happiness on that day. Also, I was told that it was Ben first time showing his public affection to Elsey, and that why you can see the shyness in him (or pura-pura “acting”). So, please enjoy the photos below.

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Maternity Portrait – G + K

And again, like what I previously said that there’s always a soft spot in my heart for every maternity portrait session. I will recall back Mel’s pregnancy time and the journey that both of us went thru together. We were very excited and looking forward to the day for Audrey’s arrival. As the weeks getting nearer to the D-day, our senses to any tiny mini reaction from mommy’s tummy is also increasing. I remember each night before we went to sleep, we always pray for our unborn little girl, with so much care, hope and love. Today, she is already 2 years and 8 months old; and it’s her 4th to school now. And that is really fast!

Here below is a maternity portrait session taken a few months ago, for a wonderful couple from Kuala Lumpur during their short vacation in Penang. At that moment, G is into her week 32 of pregnancy and it’s the best moment for such portrait, and it’s also good for her and K to chill and relax.


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Jessica + Didy | Pre Wedding Portraits

This pre wedding posting suppose to be up a long while ago, and finally got it done. Year 2013 is about to end only in a few more days, and this year has been an eventful year for me and my family, especially the last 30 days. I wish all of you had a wonderful and memorable year 2013, and have tried to live life to the fullest and abundantly.

Both Didy and Jessica are my church mates in EPCC, and we got to know each other from serving in the church ministry. Both of them are truly sincere, very down to earth and friendly couple. One thing I remember clearly from our conversation during the photo shooting is about how much faith and trust they have in Jesus. They walk together closely with God and take on each difficult moments together – never give up! Amen! And I can see that this couple are truly blessed with favors by our Heavenly Daddy – experiencing miracles in life. And because of their strong character and personality, this allows me to capture their pre wedding portraits in a very unique way, which I really enjoy so much. Telling a story of them one after another, like peeling off the onion skin. Thru this, I get to know both of them even closer, from their family background, work, hobbies and invaluable life experiences they have walked thru.

So, here below are some of their pre wedding portraits.

p/s: wishing everyone a great and blessed new year ahead.
p/s/s: today is almost a month since dad had a hemorrhagic stroke, and I believe God is in control in every situation. And daddy is on the road of recovery and healing.
p/s/s/s: Daryl Hong is a wonderful and talented make-up artist. He is another very humble person and you got to know him. I got to make sure he has his work and profile up in the web soon.

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